Purple Felt Wool Cat Cave

This beautiful purple felt wool cat cave is made out of 100% high-quality wool and is professionally handmade. The purple felt wool cat cave is a great option for your pet as it is not only an Eco-friendly product but wool has great benefits for the cat being temperature adjusting to sound insulation to create a perfect retreat place for your cat. The purple felt wool cat cave is very sturdy that can withstand tosses and plays.

This purple felt wool cat cave is handmade from 100 % wool for your lovely cat or any other smaller pets. We can make them in any color of your choice too. Please check our Custom Cat Cave Order listing where you can select the color that you want :

Provides warm comfort and privacy to your pet. This purple felt wool cat cave is perfect for cats to play, nap rest, relax and sleep. This felt cave is handmade with pure wool and greatly designed to keep your pet feel at home. It keeps your cat warm in the winter and cools in summer. It will perfectly fit any room in your house.
This cat cave not only serves its purpose of being the best cat house but is also great as a decor piece to add colors to your room. Get yourself this extraordinary cat cave, meticulously made at the best price for exceptional quality.

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Details of Purple Felt Wool Cat Cave

☆ Colors: Available in 20 best hand-picked colors.

(CUSTOMIZATION will require additional 5-10 business days for fulfillment)

☆ 100% Pure Wool/Felt from New Zealand
☆ Pure Handmade
☆ Eco-Friendly
☆ Made using felting/needling technique
☆ Azo-free dyes
☆ Color: White B: Brown C: Beige D: Grey E: Pink F: Blue G: Purple H: Orange
☆ MEASUREMENTS: -Height: 38cm approx. -Base: 40cm approx. -Opening: 17cm approx. -Tail: 54cm approx.

☆ Shake well to remove dust particles
☆ Spot clean with a damp cloth
☆ Not advisable to leave in wet places (Use soapy water gently for quick fixes)
☆ Prevent wet/water disturbance
☆ Require adult supervision for crafting felt by children
☆ Vacuum or spot clean dirt with a moist cloth or sponge and soap. Gently hand washed in cool water with wool cleaner. Form into a sphere and let dry on a towel. Wipe dirt off with a clean, dry cloth or spot sponge with water and soap.

☆ Shipping worldwide on all listed products
☆ Turnaround time for shipment is 6-8 days
☆ Lead time 45 – 90 days + shipping

P.S. For specific day delivery, please inform us prior to ordering

☆ Due to the handmade nature, the product size, thickness, and shape may vary slightly in actuality.
☆ Due to different color resolution devices, the color can differ slightly in person.
☆ If you are looking for the EXACT SIZE, just send us a quick note before or after placing an order.

➡ Wool is a wonderful material to keep your kitty warm in winter and insulate it from the heat of summer too.
➡ A great cat cave or flatten to make a super comfy cat bed.
➡ It’s all-natural and totally non-toxic, which is great for you, your cat, and the earth. Love a win-win-win!
➡ Very durable as wool naturally repels the odor, dirt, and stains.


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